HOME Paintings are labor intensive and are consequently the most expensive commission. They can be on canvas or masonite panels. Prices start at $350.00 per sq ft. Some standard sizes include :
* 11" x 14" base price is $370.00
* 16" x 20" base price is $850.00
* 18" x 24"base price is $1200.00
A complete description of the work is requested for a final price. Shipping is extra and varies by size.
BIO and CV
ILLUSTRATIONS Pen and pencil illustrations are based priced at $200.00 per piece, based on an 8" x 10" size. 5 or more pieces are priced at $180.00 per piece. Pen drawings, graphite drawings, ink wash drawings and digital pieces are available. Large pieces are available, including 11" x 13" and 18" x 24". A complete description of the work is requested for a total price. Shipping is extra.
CONTACT Digital illustrations have a base minimum price of $150.00. As complexity and size increases, the price consequently rises. All graphics on the site are the work of Herb Roe. Animated gifs, rollover buttons, banners, and illustrations are available. A description and size of the requested work will be needed for all pricing.
  Murals are subject to scheduling restraints. A base price of $50.00 per sq ft is required and will be higher as complexity and size rises. Inside pieces may be done on canvas or panels and installed on site. A complete description is requested for pricing.
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  Licensing - The artworks I've created may be licensed for publication in books, for magazine articles, videos or the web. Buying artwork, unless it is done specifically as work for hire illustration work, does not automatically engender an automatic licensing for publication. I retain all rights unless specifically transferred in writing. Work for hire illustrations have a separate price from those listed here. Prices will be quoted for the specific job on request.
Sign work has several different options are available, from signs on board or on a wall, interior or exterior, in a variety of mediums. A complete description is requested for pricing.
All images Herb Roe and may be reproduced only with written permission from the artist.